Beyond the horizon, the dream of future people (wip) i guess

Boon(Daniel Bauer)
8 min readNov 5, 2020

Sometimes, it is claimed , i am hard to read, and this is true as i am no author,

And the form and grammar and even the words i pick, do often not fit very well.

But also it is a common, yet understandable mistake, to conclude from oneselve to the other, and i do not have any issues with the form of text, as i am fast and often more scan a text then read it word by word.

But this is of course not what i want to adress, so let me get started.

Let me share you a vision with you, or at least try, because , i dont know why,

pretty often , even though i admire logic and math, and do use them, i hope quite well, b4 i state something, i have the gift of imagination and can visualize things, and as i mostly rant on obvious, yet intriguing things, this time all i want to do is amaze you.

Amaze you about a future, a possible one, that is full of hope, so follow me as

i guide you a path, step by step , and see where it leads your imagination, maybe.

So first maybe lets again get straight on some facts, before the funny part begins, and think in simple terms of tendencys.

We have a decline , in ressources, like nature and things, to build our stuff with, and even though we would have the means, to adress em in a pretty simple way, to be devided and competing, prevents us from using them.

And quite often there is a real benefit, to obscure or hide data, or a truthfull fact, from others, so while we have to compete, we dont share it , for profit, and thats where this dream shall start.

The Internet, in all its awesomeness, and forget for a second how it is used,

it connects already most of us, technically, and we learned how to anaylize and sort content. This is sadly not done to suit everyones needs, and kept for plattforms benefit, but the potential maybe a few can see , stays valid, and can already amaze, if you think what i could do borderless, and even moreso unbiased by false intention and corrupted ideas.

This time i say this, not to just rant on these facts, but to help you envision, what could be , if we would get rid of them.

So lets just skip how we may get there and introduce you to a possible future, and the people that life there, and do not take everything literally , because its not meant to be static, or a prophecy- leave out or ad with your own imaginatination at will.

At the early 21st century the human civilization has come to a state that Capitalism and Centralization of power even though theoretically able to,was unable to lead into the right direction.

But then things changed…and once this started , there was a continues chainreaction.

The concept of nations was abandoned very soon, also every means of rivalery on ressources or data.

People discovered that the world has plenty to give and explored their own knowledge already gathered.

Now amongst those future people and analysing their society i gonna tell you how it is here.

People do all kinds of things, and even if i could try , it would be foolish to even try to generalize.

There is plenty who just walk earth , but also plenty that settle for a time being, or even plan to stay where they are because lots of things do have a purpose.

There are citys and transport, its automatic, and run by ai, and the only means of individual acting a vehicle is for fun on certain special areas.

Knowledge is pretty sorted overall and the shared knowledgebase of course exeeds the wildest dreams of wikipedia, so whatever you come across or whatever you ask , you will get an answer, what does not make you interest or observation or thinking obsolete, as even your demand is a valueable piece of knowledge, and whenever a human comes across an unknown thing, many are happy and hungry to jump right on it to assist, as with so many people interests match always somewhere, and who doesnt love a good riddle.

Diversity is an overall gift, and is defined and celebrated among all sorts of communitys , either wirtual or placed in real forms of living together.

We did not achieve to create matter at will, but once we found out how to share and build things that last, and with the deep satisfaction that comes from having each and every product adjusted to ones demand on most things, the mind of humas shifted, as posession became a matter of devotion, and admireing its usefullness, that most demands became individual, and of high standart, and even if theres is still , but not often -scarcity, hoarding became like an discusting idea, and a lot thought goes into how do you want something, and how do you want to look, for those who care, and many things are just out of question.

Though there is individual exceptions, most buildings are meant to last, and are housed, not owned, at will, and there is enough high standart movable solutions so that it can buffer large crowdings almost everywhere lots of people permanetly stay anyway.Doesnt make that lots do not claim a home or make sort of a nest, but as death isnt totally conquered yet and who wants to imprison himself , noone is questioning that principle and all wonder why it was so hard to let go the idea that making the land itself so valueable to posess, when one cant even use or occupy it by any means.And there is no jelausy , but about the simple things, of course that never totally faded, possesion though has become a thing of minor attention, as true happyness and being empowered shifted peoples intentions to act , and one could be jelous of an achievement or well earned attention, as this is the competition people are now devoted to.

Machines, well where do i start, because mayn of them have already been invented in your time.

There are some factorys and lots of mobile machines and robots. Once we figured out that if dont have to pay for them, or having them create financial profit, it was easy to make concepts what we really need and build them, so most work , as you may define it in your time, is done by machines, that does not make people idle, but only those who really love it get their hands dirty, because the work by hand is never judged senseless, even on those things that machines do it better, because it is a world to experience, to do what what makes you happy, not a world everyone is bound to sucess, and to ruin things really , or do a crime, has become a thing of the past, may it be by openly sharing wisdom, or the simple fact that pretty soon we started to build up connect and present, a gobal survailance system, to study track and use oberservational data, and the continued science was so amazed when we found what we can do with this data, and step by step we started to focus and unriddleand capture the compley and most detailed subjects alike.

And the saftey that came for it on every aspect, lead to it being a tool for everyone, and false behaviour is not often punished, but reveals itself very fast, and is a subject of gentle correction or advise, that it is it even possible for every peer, to just enjoy almost rural nature, when the effords to renature many parts of it, that have been strictly seized for quite a while as subject of urgent study, started to make progress, and are now in many parts places you can acess, gently and without causing harm, and when we were sure that we prevented most dangerous of failure, all mankind was quite reliefed, and many felt a lot better.

Pretty soon we found out that , even though it was somewhat known in your times already, if people are NOT pressured, they tend to wait on making a descision, so even if the lifespan continued to expand, we are far from being overpopulated or running out of stuff, a newborn life is often celebrated really, and lots of people have so much to do, and there is no social need to stick togther, so most that breed do it conciously and care very much for their children, so we actually decline a bit, but not in a dangerous way, in overall population, and look amazed forward when we extend it even further, what even not everyone desires, because youd be amazed by some thoughts many have, but still lots dream of the stars, and while we still can not move even close as fast as we would want to, and we cant even put sustainable life on our neigbour planets, we actually got there quite often by now, and by the concept of lifetime wishes within many groups , even enabled quite a lot of people to also go there without any other purpose but making an experience, yes overall we are pretty rich.

What has also shifted quite a bit , is art , science, music and storys we come up with, as by all the lack of material scarcity, and concerning the fact its fun, , our society profits of means to create modify and share these things alone and with each other that you would maybe freak out from, and as within all this mass of content, its just the plenty but still limited time that some individually have making them sad to not enjoy it as deeply as it could, because even our tools to get the right bit at the right time is limited, but there is no style or direction that hasnt grown and that you can not climb into detail, or lack to find a guide that matches your skill, inside and at the particular point on this journey that you are right now, if by machine or a willing teacher, or just someone to join you wherever your at.

So sellfishness and do all to suceed, and stubornness, and walking against the stream, does it still exsist? It does , occationally, but as a simple matter of fact, there is no obligation to work with somebody you do not enjoy, and so pretty soon a lot stuff settled, and theres but a few you cant reach, if what you do want is valid, and theres is machines and also people, and communitys that are as open as closed to toxic things as we found ways to pass upwards in hirachy, what potentialy matters, and values are counted different as you may now already understand, so of couse there is reputation, and experts and skill, but if ur willing and bring in something cool, this world is not a place to be left unheared.

The way how things are done and decided are also amazing, if you care ,but they are flexible and on demand, and maybe shall be the point, when i continue this text, for now farewell ancient human, have a nice day.

Energy by the way is not a problem, as it is,like work is not a subject of trade, most of it comes , directly from the fusion reactor sun, solarthermia mostly, but we of course also have lots of the addintional stuff installed here and there, that you guys already invented, just couldnt have build , being unable to pay for them individually, as with most things we do have, and you do not for well, reasons, right?



Boon(Daniel Bauer)

im a full time activist and educated peer, spending all my life on possible global solutions and personal development for over 3 decades, im in many networks