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Boon(Daniel Bauer)
7 min readApr 19, 2020

you know what we really need? We need to make something happen,
and heres the plan, we resync the planet, and do something diffrent,
then lets go backstage and discuss,
an event must be planned, and it must be planned real real well, we gonna make it happen ,
the real change, and we need all screens, many servers, many people, but that isnt
really an issue, once enough agree. We gonna have -this epic day, the start -not
of another decade,century or millenium, the begin of an era-
we will have that one- epic butterfly moment of a species,that many wait for,i have a concept.
We just have to work out details a little, but here is the plan:
Not too far after the corona lesson, we can set it up, because people found out,
how to sit down and try not to freak out, when something is going on.
A morning somewhere on earth, and you are on the radio, tv, wake up go to sleep or do your job, or surf the
internet, unless your part of the staff or early actors, and all of a sudden the screen turns black
for a second, and the party begins.
You will see your leaders, taking a seat, on a stage -or many- anywhere on earth, and what they will do,is exactly what
they should have done for so long, be quiet and listen, and the music beginns.
And then well, someone has to say something, but it doesnt really matter who it is- could
say something like, hello people on earth, sit down and relax,
this is serious, as you soon will see, this the day, the day, where all the bullshit ends.
If your not part of the plan, go home, and wait for further advise, but dont hurry,
this is no emergency, this is a celebration, that will never end.
Then maybe a real good track like the one down there, or even better, depends on who we get,
live and synced, from places all over the world, just like the song thats linked.
and while the people listen to the music, and wonder what that actually is, we start to show the
power, that we really have, we stop the net for a second, and reset.
All will look different, but easy to get, and lots that have been there, will of course stay the same,
it will not be how it should be, but most will find a difference pretty quick.
On an adress, easy to find, you will have acess, and that will increase, while you learn to understand, how we can really handle all that data when were not only an “end-user”, and what advanced tools and full acess actually really-means.
While the tv shows important stuff all day, but of course in an epic manner, and explains a couple of things, while it
splits in different topics and storys, so that when you know what you wanna hear you can switch, the internet
gets all the data that it deserves, bit by bit, the truth about everything so many want to hear,
from who knows what to why and when, but with a little button, with a friendly shape, saying this time we dont judge them,
this is forgiveness,this is the end.
In between the leaders may have their moment of eternal fame, and those of all we have to convince first.
And many depends on the planning, and how far we can get.(because were quite in a hurry, tomorrow another animal friend may leave)

We do not need to have all planned out, and theres a reason for it, we will work together, but on a planetary scale, at the same time,
for the first time ever
on this planet, and everyone is invited to give us a hand. To get this managed,in the most efficient way, thats why were backstage,
and you read this text, welcome new staff member.
Of course we need food, and for the first time ever enough for each and everyone, and easy acess, but thats part
of planning a party, and this is a serious one, and not all will be happy, because one of the first tasks, maybe after
a couple days in, is to count whats left here on this planet, and show this data, as interactive as we can ,
and we will a have a health meter, as a guidance,
a rememberance and a symbol, true and uncorrupted where all comes together, and keep that up to date forever ,
i think this is somewhat is essential,
and we will measure, our sucess.
And while we start to make everything better, in a serious way, thats not inventing, but creating with all our epic
knowledge and skill, based on what
this species achieved, and the answers we already have.And if its about inventing, we can do it all in the open , with everyone able to add, and see whats been done.
We will have to start pretty simple maybe, and continue some things that are not correct, but all know now, most can stay at
home a while, and the planet likes it,
and it depends how long we have to plan, and to arrange whats nessecary, to come to this day.
And we need to enable the best on all subjects to work together , for the first time ever, without competition,and with unlimited funding, or better to say with no money issues in the way, and also, if you think about skills and experts, there are a lot underated people interested in afterall each and every subject, we can make this an open collab, that never ends, to better things, as the only real common denomiantor given, and passion is worth a lot as well.Transparency means a lot, and couldnt even someone who diggs in from a different subject, even a 5 year old kid, add to something- no matter how complex, or sophisticated,the case- if it happens to want to be part of it.

And when we have all stuff settled, and it could be time to shine, for everyone.

It could take us some years, before we really get somewhere, but on this epic day, we can create at least action for every concern, when we, what never happend,
start to do the right thing, throw away the money, and life.For example:
Would some go to the animal kz´s, and bring some fresh air in,and free some, doesnt mean to let them go, but we can start something-, and show it,as
a sign as acts that produce facts
we can show some cows, or some pigs,
that green grass exsists, and tell all the people, that we can eat flesh, but that we have done wrong, to make life a product ,
and that we have to grant them a living,
before we eat them, and treat them with respect, and of course we will change our supplychains, but we start with what we have,
the trucks will keep driving,
untill we have somthing better, and we will have projects, to find out what we really depend on, and how to better get that, step by step.
We can declare what we imagine, the best we can get, and i need you here backstage, as soon as you can, because even if i basically did the math,
theres someone way better and faster, on every subject, to listen to them while they work and see them, is part of the major concept,
that everyone can take part in descisions and planning, and if thats a hart one for you to imagine, you maybe dont work at google, or have never imagined, what would happen,
if every voice is processed, and saved, and reached up a level higher of debate,or the place it fits, if it makes sense, as collaboration has what limits , and why is that?
The thing is, we need a startpoint, and i planned, theres many details, and i spend a couple of days to do so, actually its been some years,
but as this world has helped me to do it,- the final concept will be better, thats what i count on, and i can do math, and i did it, but im not important,
this can be your concept, i just write you this textpiece, and hope it reachs you, and sincerly hope you get me.
some may from this day on maybe only party, but many, will grow beyond what they ever imagined they can be,
we can maybe still fix this mess that we slipped into,
and those that party, or just chill,they also work with us, because were all human, and when we dont have to fight anymore, we can thrive,
and that means that some need some fun, after their workday, because they work with passion all day, and those that are there, and party, can help with providing
whats needed, they produce some content.
Theres some stuff we cant do yet,like taking away the radiation we spilled, or spread life to other planets, there is no escape, we cant build a biosphere,
we cant travel lightspeed, accept it, we do have to fix this place, do you think a 30 year plan will do, do you want that?- and what plans are these?
And i am not sure we can even really bring back nature to an acceptable standart, but how else could we succeed? Make this plan better, or pass it somewhere,
its your plan if you want to, one thing is obvious, copyrights do not exsist.
If something is unclear, but you like the idea, im easy to contact,and really thought ahead, but if your already into, do whatever you like , doesnt
have to be this way, make it a little bit better, and publish , id be thankful for that
And if this comes to you, and it doesnt make you think, i wonder, what your up to, especially if you want to make something better, or save the world.
This is unlimited funding, and easy and open acess, a crew of 8 billion, some
essential for big things, some maybe not, but even a smile of the weakest,
can save the day for someone,and change the future, -How about a world happyness-display, can we do that? Im pretty sure so.lets try it, there we go.
And if this means nothing, and is just some weird text, tell me also, i will try make it better, and publish, simple concept
It will not be like this, it could still be real, and its what i was into, when i thought- im like a messiah and all will listen, i could be like one,
just modern , somewhat 2.0.
And from that perspective, i considered the fastest and easiest way, to rescue this place, in the very last moment.
To take it serious, is not easy, for some , i know, not yet :-) well see….



Boon(Daniel Bauer)

im a full time activist and educated peer, spending all my life on possible global solutions and personal development for over 3 decades, im in many networks