radical planetary fix- party concept

Boon(Daniel Bauer)
4 min readJul 14, 2021


the planet as well as the society are in a severe state-
this needs to be fixed-
solutions are there in the plenty-
the main problem is they can not be applied-
the main reason for this is people competing against each other- this will prevent them form managing a planet
my suggestion is overall simple:
1. there is no reason for the exsistance of countrys- this concept needs to be abandoned
2. all relevant data has to be shared to all humans, and they need the means to properly use them, this is mostly a technical issue that can be fixed by
making the internet a system like it should be
3. leadership is not a gift , its a responsibility, this is not displayed in any current leadership, also the concept of leading itself is based
on false paradigms, desicisonmaking can be networked
4. every human needs a voice, the means to ask all people on the planet, not what to buy, but relevant things is technically possible, also to process the data
every claim to work for the people would have to be underlined by involving them all for a long time now
5 a hughe part of the diversity on the planet is gone, crime is still an issue, for both and also for scientific reason its urgent to build up a global sensory,
which by default needs to be open for everyone to use, technical implementations to assure privacy can be added in an ease, but the overall tracking allows
a lot mandatory data to be catched
5 there is nothing to trade or exchange- the planet can provide the means for humans to thrive, but not if they battle for ressources, there are protocols
of sharing , these must be enabled, giving all people food, shelter, energys and things they need totally apart of them having to do anything for it

How? It is first of all political, power to the people if you will, this is where the party concept steps in.
its the most easy to do it this way, put the planet on emergency hold, let all leaders agree to give up, fix the internet and for a time being secure and well
establish a supplychain to have a basic supply. While the data is handed out to the people, real networks can be set up, its possible to have millions of people debate solutions
on all levels, this can be done virtually with the help of moderators and software. Posession of land and resources must for sure be abandoned, this does not mean someone takes something away,
the only valid concept is supply the best to all , this may sound off for many but that we need higher standarts and cant build crappy products forever should make sense for most,
we can by now have multipurpose factorys and produce high level things custom on demand, these will surly be better then anything you can buy for money.
First of all we need to count what is left, then see what we can do with it, but in a rational way, heres some postive suggestions:
-building enough solar thermia in the deserts as a one time efford to let us have energy for centurys
-building proper transport, this will ensure global mobility for all humans, without being harmful, it can be more efficient , easy to mainain, and noone need a stupid car but for some
history fun playing on seperate playgrounds
-if savety , souveranity and wellbeing can be established, all laws can be redesigned, noone has the say about others, unless a network demands this under their own free will
stated descisions, we are no easy species , we may want diversity but the planet is hughe
-permaculture , invitro technology , advanced laws to treat animals and even plants can be set up, the main reason to make a hughe change is that we need a working planet,
to manage a planet humans must be able to control things, humans dont even understand eco-systems, so there needs to be sience , and caution, senseful renaturation, but within
all the complex interactions we can be flexible and track our overall progress, find out what free people would want, and enable them to get it

What is the party concept? — its to plan this and more, an event, a global party that will never end, as someone is always partying anyway, and to party is a valueable act,
vaules will be reconsidered fast….the butterfly moment of a species, when it grows from primitve to advanced, from being an abuser of the world to a concious leading species…
this is what i life for and nothing else….
this again leaves out a lot, but i can deliver….and the other humans , many of them can deliver too
because if this continues, the planet will not serve us decently very much longer.

WIP-work in progress



Boon(Daniel Bauer)

im a full time activist and educated peer, spending all my life on possible global solutions and personal development for over 3 decades, im in many networks